Our laboratories are located in Applied Physics Department. We are well equipped for materials synthesis, deposition and characterizations techniques. We work in five different laboratories; Nanomaterial synthesis, Photovoltaics characterization, Electrochemistry and selective coatings, Solar cells scale-up and Perovskite solar cells.

Our laboratories are equipped with different instruments and devices such as microwaves, rotary evaporator, centrifuges, vacuum oven, furnaces, low-temperature oven, potentiostat/galvanostat,profilometer, UV-vis, solar simulators, screen-printing,spin coater, rheometer, hydraulic press, glove box, dry room, sputtering and so on.

Laboratorio Nanomateriales
Edificio G, Departamento Física Aplicada, Centro de investigación y de estudios avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV)
Antigua carretera a progreso Km.6, Col. Loma bonita, 97310, Merida, Yucatan , Mexico
Tel: +52 (999) 942 9400 Ext: 2249