March 2017

Dr Jenny Baker's visit to our laboratories.

March 2017

We are going to develop our installations to have a dry room for our Perovskite group.

February 2017

Goodbye lunch with our PhD student Esdras who will fly to Japan for 9-month internship at  shinshu University.

February 2017

Dr. Juan Anta's visit from Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla. He stayed for 3 weeks to continue his collaboration with Dr. Oskam and help to our students in their results in electrochemical characterizations of solar cells.

November 2016

Our warm congrats to Dr. Alejandro Estrella for his PhD defense.

October 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Rodrigo García to present his PhD thesis.

Octubre  2016

Dr. Tryston Watson from Swansea University visited our labs on Octuber 2017. He came to Mexico to for Rodrigo's PhD exam and he gave us a nice talk on Perovskite solar cells.

August 2016

Time for cancun Internation IMRC congress as all years.
 We all participated in XXV IMRC 2016 which was held in Cancun.

Nice talks and nice beach.

September  2016

Our best wishes to you for your 3-month internship at University of Leuven.

June  2016

We participated in HOPV 16 which was held at Swansea University.

May 2016

Goodbye lunch and our best wishes to Renan who is going to Swansea University for 6-month internship


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Our workshops and Expos for children

We love to teach the basic physics and chemistry concepts through the attractive experiments to the kids. We share also our knowledge to high school and bachelor students. We receive you here in our laboratories or in Expo-Science.